PA Ammonia Leak Forces Evac

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 @ 04:07 PM gHale

An ammonia leak from a refrigerated warehouse forced an evacuation in Scranton, PA, Saturday night.

The smell of the chemical hung in the air, and dozens of people in nearby homes were told by police and firefighters they had to leave.

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“It was a very strong ammonia smell, and we both immediately went in our home, and not 10 minutes later, I had a large fireman come to my door with a gas mask and said, ‘You better get out. You better evacuate,’ ” said a resident, Kay Schofield of Scranton in a published report.

“It was very strong. It made the eyes burn and your nose burn. Yes, it was nasty,” said another resident Lorraine McLaughlin of Scranton.

The leak was found at Gress Refrigerated Services. At least one worker had to be treated for exposure.

The Keyser Valley Community Center was set up as a shelter for those who were told they had to leave their home. For quite a few of those evacuated they said they had family close by and a place to spend the night.

Scranton Fire Department officials say the leak was shut off and the air cleared by 2 a.m.

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