Palisades Nuke Returns to Service

Friday, November 9, 2012 @ 05:11 PM gHale

Palisades nuclear power plant returned to service Wednesday following a three-day shutdown after there was a radioactive steam leak in the plant’s auxiliary building.

The Covert, MI-based plant will return to full power operation slowly, according to Palisades Communication Manager Mark Savage. The shutdown occurred a week after plant officials conducted simulated emergency exercises and earned a passing review from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

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A worker found the leak Nov. 4 when the operator noticed water drops on a floor and investigated.

After removing insulation from piping, the worker found steam coming from a fitting on a drain valve. The plant shut down just under four hours later for repairs.

A pinhole sized water leak was also repaired during the outage.

The NRC has rated Palisades as one of the nation’s four worst performing nuclear power plants. Several times over the summer the plant had to shutdown in response to leaks.

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