Pressure Leak at NY Gas Plant

Monday, December 18, 2017 @ 02:12 PM gHale

There was a pressure leak of one of two 18,000-gallon storage/distribution tanks Wednesday at the AmeriGas plant on Big Pine Key, FL.

The plant manager was on scene and closed all valves in an attempt to balance the pressure between the tanks.

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The leaking tank was about 45 percent full of liquid propane, officials said. The pressure valve on the top of the tank continues to operate. So far, only vapors are leaking.

A Blitz monitor ended up deployed by the Monroe County Fire Rescue team. The Blitz monitor is an unmanned water hose that can provide water when needed to dilute the escaping gas vapors and decrease the chance of those vapors igniting. Using the Blitz allows all fire rescue personnel to be outside of the perimeter fence for safety, Monroe County Deputy Fire Marshal Craig Marston said.

AmeriGas sent trucks to the scene to remove the liquid propane from the tanks, which should relieve the pressure and cause the pressure valve to close.

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