Automation product supplier, Pilz, remains down after a week because of a ransomware attack.

Germany-based Pilz reached out to the prosecutor’s office and Federal Office for Security in Information Technology after suffering a targeted cyber-attack Oct. 13. Despite setting up an incident response team to locate the source of the attack and resolve the disruption, it warned that outages will continue for several more days.

The company said in a statement on its website: “From Sunday, October 13th 2019, on all server and computer based workplaces including communication network of the automation company have been affected. The website is currently only partially functioning.

“For reasons of precaution, the company has disconnected all computer systems from the Internet and has blocked the access to the company’s network.

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“The public prosecutor’s office has been brought in and the Federal Office for Information Security has been informed. As a concurrent action, the company has implemented a crisis management group to resolve the technical problems as quickly as possible and to identify the origin of the attack. However, the technical problems might last for the next couple of days.”

The IT disruption appears to have affected delivery of shipments and communications, although email came back online around the world on Friday. The last update from the company said deliveries had restarted in “certain areas.”

Pilz operates in over 70 countries around the world, across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The company supplies electronic control and monitoring devices, programmable logic controllers. Other products and services include sensor technology, bus and industrial wireless systems, risk assessments and training courses on machinery safety.


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