Rapid7 Deals for Security Automation Firm

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 02:07 PM gHale

Rapid7 inked a deal for security orchestration and automation provider, Komand.

Komand helps security and IT teams automate repetitive tasks, which Boston-based IT security and operations software provider Rapid7 said will “help its customers reduce time to resolution, maximize resources, and overcome ecosystem complexity.”

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Komand’s technology will expand Rapid7’s Insight platform’s ability to “empower lean security and IT teams to meaningfully increase productivity across their entire operation and reduce the time it takes to respond to an incident,” officials said.

Users can now automatically identify risks, respond to incidents, and address issues faster and with less human intervention, Rapid7 said.

“The need for well-designed security and IT automation solutions is acute; resources are scarce, environments are becoming more complex, all while threats are increasing,” said Corey Thomas, president and chief executive of Rapid7. “Security and IT solutions must evolve through context-driven automation, allowing cybersecurity and IT professionals to focus on more strategic activities.”

“When we defined the Komand mission, there was one goal to which we repeatedly returned as inspiration: Help under-resourced security and IT teams better leverage what they have at their disposal,” said Jen Andre, founder and chief executive of Komand. “Rapid7 has demonstrated that they share this vision, made evident by their commitment to the security and IT communities, the genesis and execution of the Insight platform, and the company focus on building solutions that simplify complex processes.”

The terms of the acquisition were not immediately available, but Rapid7 said the purchase should not have an effect for the calendar year 2017.

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