Eguide: Overcoming the Industrial Cyber Security Skills Gap

Overcoming the Industrial Cyber Security Skills Gap

Here we are in the age of digitization where a changing business model provides new revenue and value-producing opportunities, connectivity keeps growing, business benefits are through the roof and fresh cyber attack vectors abound.

With an abundance of data, manufacturers keep learning new ways to hit markets with their products and develop ideas to creatively produce products to save more money and energy while increasing profits. Those are all great things that will keep the company scoring high in a globally competitive market.

The idea that cyber security presents an impediment into those rich global plans should be easy enough to fix, right? Just hire a team of security folks, and they will take care of it. In reality, though, there are not enough to go around.

The numbers truly back that up: There is a predicted global shortfall of cyber security jobs in the coming years. On top of that, 51 percent of organizations report having a problematic shortage of cyber security skills in 2018, up from 45 percent in 2017, according to ESG Research.

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