Reworked Trojan a Major Threat

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 03:06 PM gHale

Old attack tools are evolving to expand their operations, researchers said.

Tweaked versions of the Citadel Trojan is one of the biggest threats facing businesses, said McAfee researchers in the security firm’s Q1 2013 Threat Report. The Citadel Trojan seems to be getting stronger as attackers developed it to steal a more diverse pool of data from its victims, making it one of 2013’s most dangerous emerging threats.

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“Citadel is considered an emerging threat to not only the financial services industry, but to other industries as well. Citadel gives cyber criminals advanced remote connectivity, and it also gives them the ability to dynamically decide which target to engage,” the report said.

“There is a significant amount of recent activity to suggest that perpetrators will continue to use Citadel to attack businesses and government organizations around the world.”

Outside of Citadel, the firm also detected a marked increase in the number of spam campaigns targeting corporate data.

“One of the biggest stories this quarter is the increase in spam after more than a year of decline. We counted 1.9 trillion messages in March. That’s lower than record levels but about twice the volume of December 2012. Cybercriminals continue to develop and market crimeware tools, which make it easy for inexperienced scammers to join the ranks and exploit victims,” the report said.

The quarter also saw yet another boom in the number of mobile malware families operating in the wild. “Our count of mobile malware samples, just about exclusively for the Android OS, continues to skyrocket,” the report said.

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