Sad Toy Story: Hasbro Site Compromised

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 @ 04:01 PM gHale

Toy maker Hasbro suffered a compromise after researchers found the website serving malware to visitors over the last few weeks.

The compromise did not come via malicious ads as is often the case, but directly, and it would lead visitors via a chain of redirects to a website hosting Java exploits, said researchers at Barracuda Labs.

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If a visitor’s computer turned out to be vulnerable, then an information stealing Trojan would end up downloaded. No AV solutions used by VirusTotal was able to detect the information-stealing Trojan.

Users who visited the site on January 10, 11, 14 and 20 are likely to have had their computers infected, so they should scan their machine with one of the AV solutions that detect the malware in question.

There is no word yet on if Hasbro security officials have found the Trojan and cleaned up the site.

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