Safety Alert at AL Wood Mill

Thursday, August 28, 2014 @ 04:08 PM gHale

PJ Lumber Co., which manufactures finished lumber products for resale, is facing $50,085 in fines for 13 serious safety and health violations found at the company’s lumber mill on Stephens Road in Pritchard, AL, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA initiated an inspection in June and found workers ended up exposed to falls, amputations and other hazards. PJ Lumber employs 151 workers.

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“PJ Lumber has created an unacceptable work environment at this lumber mill and has shown a complete disregard for its workers’ health and safety,” said Joseph Roesler, director of OSHA’s Mobile Area Office. “Employees are subjected daily to multiple hazards, including electrocution, falls, hearing loss and dangerous, unguarded machine parts.”

The serious violations were for missing handrails on stairways, amputation hazards from exposed moving machinery parts and exposure to high noise levels without an effective hearing protection plan.

In addition, the employer failed to provide written procedures to prevent machinery startup during servicing and maintenance and failed to remove forklifts from use when in need of repair. The employer did not require employees to wear seat belts while operating forklifts. A serious violation occurs when there is substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result from a hazard about which the employer knew or should have known.

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