By Gregory Hale
As anyone in marketing knows, for a product to sell, you just can’t rely on one type of medium to extol the virtues of your wares.
You have to have a clear plan and then use the various forms of media to get the word out. Whether it is video, broadcast, podcast, print, electronic, television, billboards, whatever, you can’t rely on one entity to spread the corporate gospel. A clearly defined approach that hits the market and consumer just right should end up leaving you in high cotton.
The same is true for a manufacturer needing a multi-dimensional approach to safety and security.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you need a plan. However, assessing the risk and knowing how far you want to go to ensure your safety and security with things like video, condition monitoring, asset tracking, and communications, to name a few, ends up being the billion-dollar question.
It is truly a billion-dollar question because that is what it is costing companies every year in lost revenue: Multi billions.
In a report filed earlier this year on, companies are losing $6 million a day, or just over $20 billion a year, in lost revenue because of cyber related incidents.
Honeywell Process Solutions President Norm Gilsdorf, in an independent report, said at the company’s user group meeting in June manufacturers leave over $20 billion on the table through preventable losses because of lapses in safety and security procedures and techniques.
“Over $20 billion was lost last year in safety and security incidents,” Gilsdorf said. “And they showed signs before hand. Just look at the Gulf of Mexico and you can see how that remains important.”
“The cost in products is minimal, but the real problem is with lost revenue due to unplanned downtime,” he said. “That is the real loss.”
Think about two of those phrases: Unplanned downtime and preventable losses. Those two phrases will kill any job security at the executive level. That is why manufacturers have to go beyond just having safety and security plans. Just like any marketing plan, the manufacturer needs to have a clearly defined, full-scale approach to safety and security.
They can’t rely on just software and hardware to harden their defenses. They need other surveillance techniques like a solid video offering, condition monitoring, asset tracking, and communications. Of course they need the core hardware and software. On top of all of that, a manufacturer also needs vigilance – the constant “stay with it” attitude that will not let anyone or anything penetrate the plant floor. In addition, they need to know they will always be in a state of change.
No way today’s safety and security platforms stay the same. They have to change and evolve or else the bad guys will find a hole and exploit it. Just ask Siemens about that one. That company worked very hard at staying ahead of the curve and someone or some thing found a crack in the door and burst on through with the malware attack. Siemens has since created a tool to fix the problem, but it just goes to show anyone can fall prey to a cyber attack.
Cyber attackers also know the marketing creed. They will not stop at just one method; they will find other ways to attack.
Just like any marketing plan, it is abundantly clear today’s manufacturer needs to have a clearly defined, multi-dimensional approach to safety and security. Are you ready?
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