Schneider Launches Cyber Update Services

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 @ 05:10 PM gHale

Schneider Electric introduced new cybersecurity protection services designed to help industrial users manage and secure their connected plants.

Cyber Update services automatically distribute Schneider Electric’s qualified operating system patches and endpoint protections, reducing the risk of applying improper patches and updates.

It also eliminates potentially unsecure sources of data from affecting plant and business operations.

Because the services can improve uptime and throughput, as well as the safety of plant assets and personnel, the offering could have an impact on the efficiency and reliability of the plant, helping executives, managers and operators increase operational profitability.

“Not applying the correct industry patches when they are available, or applying the wrong patch, makes our customers’ systems and operations vulnerable to cyberattack,” said Nathalie Marcotte, senior vice president, process automation services, at Schneider Electric. “Our Cyber Update services provide a secure path for customers to automatically download tested and qualified Windows Operating System patches and anti-virus updates and then quickly apply them to their control and safety systems within a secure environment. Because these services can mitigate systems risks, they can help our customers improve the safety of their operation while reducing downtime and other business disruptions. We believe it will have a positive impact on their overall business performance.”

The new services, which meet IEC62443 and other leading industry standards, automatically deliver third-party-tested operating system security patches and anti-virus endpoint protection updates via a fully secure, authenticated and encrypted Windows Software Update Server to a customers’ on-site server.

The services enable customers to apply patches and updates across multiple sites on the same secure network, allowing them to manage multiple, disparate systems that are running various O/S software levels and versions.

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