Schneider Upgrades Citect SCADA

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 @ 03:01 PM gHale

Schneider Electric launched Citect SCADA 2016, which includes upgrades and improvements. The primary driving force behind this product upgrade was to reduce complexity and expand embedded deployment capabilities.

Evolving workforce demographics, elevated cybersecurity concerns, dynamic market conditions and evolving regulatory requirements created significant challenges for industrial organizations across the globe. These market forces are triggering the need to simplify critical asset management, optimize automation and control systems, and better perform process improvement. These challenges are exacerbated by the need to operate with greater efficiency without impacting security, regulatory or safety risk while maintaining operational agility. 

Citect SCADA 2016 enhancements extend the value of existing SCADA systems.

New features and functionalities include:
• Integrated Development Environment – new unified configuration environment with Citect Studio offers faster, more intuitive activity-based user experiences, driving engineering simplicity and shortened learning curves to accelerate ROI
• Enhanced Deployment Management – new deployment view offers a central store of compiled projects, controlled deployment of projects to servers and clients, and built-in security and notification for operators to save time and effort and drive efficiency
• Simplified Topology Management – new streamlined and centralized server visibility offers a graphical, holistic view to better manage configuration of a server infrastructure and view topology by machine or by cluster, helping to save costs and engineering time with a more secure, standardized deployment ability and a more holistic view of operations

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