Security Startup Acquires SpearPoint

Friday, January 18, 2013 @ 09:01 AM gHale

Start up security provider, Cylance, acquired SpearPoint Security Services. That means SpearPoint’s founders Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle, will join Cylance as they integrate into Cylance’s services and research teams.

“We have a moral obligation to secure the world’s most sensitive networks and systems,” said Billy Rios, co-founder and chief executive of SpearPoint.

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“The companies that manufacture, deploy and manage these systems care about security but they often do not have the expertise and training to do much about it,” said Terry McCorkle, co-founder and chief technology office of SpearPoint. “Cylance will educate those in need and empower them to secure their sensitive networks.”

In addition to the acquisition of SpearPoint, Cylance also hired two new members of the Cylance team.

Eric Cornelius is the former deputy director and chief technical analyst for the Control Systems Security Program at the Department of Homeland Security. He joins Cylance as director of critical infrastructure/ICS.

In addition, Glenn Chisholm, former CISO of Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider will serve as Cylance’s vice president of products and CSO. Glenn is all too familiar with the world of critical infrastructure. At Telstra, Glenn was under constant attack and was responsible for protecting the organization and its customers against all threat vectors and actors.

“I’m all too familiar with the current cyber security issues that plague global organizations and consumers, and the need for a fundamental shift in order to protect from these constant threats,” Chisholm said.

“We see and feel the pain of our customers every day, and we are assembling a team beyond reproach to definitively empower them to stop the bad guys,” said Stuart McClure, chief executive and president of Cylance.

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