Cybersecurity startup BitTrap released a blockchain-based cybersecurity solution that leverages attackers’ motivations to provide singular detection capabilities.

This blockchain approach differs from cybersecurity paradigms that focus on trying to keep attackers from breaking in. Instead, it assumes attackers have already made their way inside a network, undetected, and is designed to identify them and reduce hacker dwell time in the compromised system.

The system works by deploying a vast network of wallets in every endpoint or cloud instance. Each wallet contains a risk-adjusted bounty of cryptocurrency assets calibrated, based on research from the BitTrap Attacker Behavioral Labs, to ensure it will capture an attacker’s attention. Collecting the bounty triggers an incident-response operation that alerts the organization of the breach, effectively causing the hacker to reveal their presence. The vulnerability can be quickly assessed and patched while avoiding ransomware and data exfiltration altogether.

BitTrap began operations in 2020 after cyberattacks multiplied during the global pandemic.

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The company’s founders, who combine decades of industry experience in cybersecurity and expertise in attacker behavior, developed the technology to help companies actually benefit from cyberattacks.

“It is very important to capitalize on security incidents, using each opportunity to learn and prioritize efforts,” said BitTrap CTO Ariel Futoransky. “We need to understand our adversaries’ main motivation and use it to overcome our challenges and reduce the impact of attacks. With our unique approach, we can tackle both issues at the same time. We go a long way beyond intrusion detection or deception.”

“We intend to keep investing and developing the most sophisticated capacity in the industry to understand attacker behavior,” said BitTrap Chief Executive Jonatan Altszul. “After our initial success, we are getting ready to raise a new round of financing to fuel our expansion in the market.”

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