Shell Growing in Cloud, BYOD

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 @ 03:10 PM gHale

Security is getting that much more interesting for Shell as the energy giant migrated 75 percent of its IT infrastructure to the cloud and it is in the process of going through a BYOD implementation.

Oskar Brink, enterprise product manager at Shell, said the company moved its systems to cloud services in a bid to control the cost, risk and agility of its IT environment, which consists of up to 10,000 applications.

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“Managing that portfolio is a real big problem from a cost perspective,” he said at the AWS Enterprise Summit. “Moving the infrastructure pieces into the cloud helps us to get [costs] more under control. We’re moving into the cloud as much as we can.”

The flexibility of cloud services also helped Shell reduce costs by using on-demand services that end up used when needed rather than being a continuous part of its internal infrastructure.

“Moving to the cloud helps us to change the infrastructure. We look at the cloud as an off/on capability — actually we say off rather than on. What we don’t use we turn off, we don’t pay for it. That’s what we’re trying to achieve in [our] portfolio,” Brink said in a published report in The Register.

Shell started transforming its IT infrastructure in 2008, when it started to outsource 25 percent of its environments to virtualized services. In 2010 the company adopted the Amazon Web Services platform and four years later has three-quarters of its IT in the cloud.

However, achieving this level of cloud migration in a global enterprise working in a highly regulated industry required a change in thinking for Shell’s IT chiefs and stakeholders, who needed to learn how it was a good move for the company.

Well into the strategy, but Shell revealed plans last year to support 135,000 mobile devices chosen by its staff in a BYOD strategy.

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