Siri Allows iPhone Break-in

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 @ 06:05 AM gHale

Apple’s passcode woes continue as there is a new flaw in the iOS firmware that uses Siri to bypass the four-digit passcode lock and access contacts on the phone.

A person that gains access to a handset running iOS 7.1.1 can perform a few moves to enable Siri at just the right moment and summon the phone’s list of contacts with ease.

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The risks are pretty big, considering that a person’s contacts list is one of the most personal forms of data residing on a mobile phone.

The best thing you can do to avoid having someone exploit this issue is to disable the option to have Siri accessible from the lock screen.

Another security issue in iOS 7.1.1 deals with email attachments. Discovered by security researcher Andreas Kurtz, the issue at heart is lacks a layer of protection for email messages attachments.

This is not the first time Apple has to deal with a passcode lock flaw. With almost every new iOS release, attackers found a way to get into the phone.

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