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Tuesday, August 27, 2013 @ 07:08 PM gHale

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is running pirated software.

As a result of poor management of software licenses at the IRS, the agency appears to be running pirated software, according to an audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

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“The IRS is not adequately performing software license management and is not adhering to Federal requirements and recommended industry best practices,” the Treasury auditors wrote in their report.

The IRS “was unable to provide us with essential licensing records for properly managing licenses on 24 of 27 software products reviewed during this audit,” the auditors said.

Auditors also discovered over- and under-utilization of software licenses. For example, for three programs, the IRS deployed more licenses than it had purchased. For eight others, it deployed fewer licenses than it bought.

In eight cases, the auditors could not determine under- or over-utilization because there was no record of licenses purchased or deployed for the programs. In a half-dozen other instances, the IRS had conflicting figures on the number of licenses deployed and hadn’t done a review to reconcile the numbers.

The lack of an effective program to manage software licenses could land the IRS in hot water in the future, the auditors said. Problems on the horizon could include embarrassing legal problems and financial liabilities and ineffective budget control of its software resources.

The auditors made a number of recommendations to tighten up software management, all of them agreed to by the IRS in an appendix to the audit.

In a letter from IRS CTO Terence V. Milholland, the agency said it planned to centralize the responsibility for software licensing. “This central function will focus on the processes and goals of this audit from the enterprise perspective to ensure effective management controls around desktop, laptop, server and other delivery platform software licenses,” Milholland said.

He added the agency plans to create an Enterprise Software Governance Board to provide oversight and decision making on managing software licenses.

The agency declined to comment on the audit.

The IRS isn’t alone among large organizations with difficulties managing software licenses, said Kevin Morgan, CTO of Arxan, an anti-piracy software maker. “I can tell you from my experience of managing software for the last 30 years or so that it’s absolutely a challenge to keep track of all the various software components brought into an organization and used on a daily basis,” Morgan said.

Software licensing in federal agencies has been a long-standing problem, said Keith Kupferschmid, general counsel and senior vice president for intellectual property and enforcement for the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

Although efforts to end software piracy within federal agencies go back to the Clinton years, government action has been slow. “It’s just in the beginning of setting up a formal process to make sure it’s software and content compliant,” Kupferschmid said.

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