SQL Attacks Take Big Jump

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 05:07 PM gHale

SQL attacks jumped by almost 70 percent earlier this year according to cloud hosting firm FireHost who recorded over 450,000 blocked SQL injection attacks between the first and second quarter this year.

FireHost said it protected its users from 17 million cyber attacks from April to June 2012. 469,983 of those attacks were SQL injections, up from 277,770 attacks earlier this year, a 69 percent jump.

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Security numbers do go up and down, the FireHost stats mark a pretty drastic spike.

The number are also in contrast to other reports like this year’s X-Force Trend and Risk Report, where IBM noted a 46 percent drop in SQL injections last year while a study by WhiteHat Security earlier this year noted the number of SQL injections in sites also decreasing.

After analyzing 7,000 websites, the firm found only 11 percent of the sites contained SQL injection vulnerabilities while only four percent of the sites carried at least one SQL injection flaw compared to the overall vulnerability population.

A hacker group claimed to have used a SQL injection to infiltrate Yahoo earlier this month when 450,000 email addresses and passwords belonging to the site’s Voices users leaked online.

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