Stats Firm Hacked, Database Hit

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 @ 04:03 PM gHale

A company that provides statistics and studies from over 18,000 sources, Statista, suffered a hack attack.

On top of that, the company thinks the attackers could have gained access to its user database.

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In an email sent out to its customers, the company said the cybercriminals might have stolen email addresses and passwords. However, Statista is confident that passwords cannot end up misused because they have proper encryption.

“According to an internal assessment and that of external IT professionals the password data cannot be used by third parties due to masking procedures. Of course, you can still change your assigned password at any time in your profile if you wish,” Statista wrote in the notifications.

The company has not revealed how exactly the passwords are “masked,” but if external IT professionals said they can’t end up misused, they’ve probably used strong encryption.

Email addresses can be valuable for targeted phishing attacks, so users should be careful in case they come across suspicious emails in their inboxes.

Statista said they patched the vulnerability exploited by the hackers.

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