Statseeker Supports 500,000 Interfaces on VM

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 10:08 AM gHale

Statseeker’s latest software release, Version 5.0, adds high availability for mission critical server backup, but also can align with a company’s virtualization strategy.

“Early on, Statseeker recognized that networks of the future will expand as new applications, technologies and increased value to the business become evident,” said Shane Chubb, Statseeker product manager. Statseeker’s network infrastructure monitoring solution addresses this continual network migration.

Statseeker Version 5.0 scales up to 500,000 interfaces on a single virtual machine. Statseeker is the first company to provide a cost-effective platform with the ability to monitor a huge volume of interfaces on a single virtual machine.

Higher virtualization support adds increased flexibility and reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs. This allows businesses to utilize their existing infrastructure and keep their network monitoring costs low.

Statseeker delivers real-time visibility to the edge of the network no matter how big the infrastructure. It installs in minutes and adds value immediately as it discovers a network of up to 1 million interfaces in less than an hour, and retains data indefinitely in its original granularity.

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