Statseeker Teams with Plixer

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 @ 03:04 PM gHale

Statseeker network monitoring technology is now integrated into Plixer’s Scrutinizer Netflow solutions platform.

“Plixer is well known in the IT Enterprise space for its netflow technology. Using Statseeker’s 60 second end-to-end network polling engine and data compression technology that has the ability to retain 100 percent of captured data in original format, companies can gain added value through a deeper understanding of network performance and security incidents without compromise of network monitoring speed or scalability” said Shane Chubb, Statseeker’s senior product manager.

Scrutinizer is at the foundation of the Plixer incident response and behavior analysis architecture.

Scrutinizer performs the collection, threat detection, and reporting of all flow technologies on a single platform. It delivers real-time situational awareness into the applications and their historical behaviors on the network.

By integrating Statseeker with Scrutinizer, users can move directly from Plixer reporting to the corresponding device reports within Statseeker.

This integration enables users to view metrics seamlessly between Scrutinizer and Statseeker leveraging Statseeker’s granular data history and real-time polling reports while investigating or troubleshooting issues.

Coupled with Statseeker’s instant thresholding and alerting capability, incident notification, troubleshooting and resolution times can be greatly reduced.

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