Steam Leak Fixed at OH Nuke

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 @ 03:05 PM gHale

Oak Harbor, OH-based Davis-Besse nuclear plant went back online Tuesday night and will be at full power Thursday, officials said.

Jennifer Young, spokesperson for FirstEnergy Corp. which runs the facility, located 21 miles outside Toledo, OH, said the plant synchronized to the region’s electrical grid at 11:11 p.m. Tuesday, ending the outage that began Saturday.

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Nuclear reactors typically are running at 20 percent power when plants are producing enough electricity to synchronize to the grid.

Ohio is part of a 13-state regional electric grid operated by Pennsylvania-based PJM Interconnection.

Davis-Besse’s reactor was operating at 32 percent power Wednesday morning. The utility is gradually ascending it.

Operators performed a scram Saturday after instrumentation in the control room tipped them off to a steam leak in the non-nuclear turbine building adjacent to the reactor building but separate from it.

Workers welded two portions of 4-inch pipe that serves as a drain line from the feedwater heater.

Viktoria Mitlyng, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) spokesman, has said the utility needs to determine the root cause of the rupture.

The utility needs to determine if it was an isolated break or if other pipes have become weakened.

The incident is an unusual event, but ranked in the lowest level for emergencies.

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