Attackers breached steel giant ThyssenKrupp’s automotive division, forcing them to shut down operations at its Saarland, Germany, facility.

The Germany-based company is a crucial component of the global supply chain for steel products for sectors including machinery, automotive, elevators and escalators, industrial engineering, renewable energy, and construction.

ThyssenKrupp said it suffered a cyberattack last week, impacting its automotive body production division, according to a report in Bleeping Computer. ThyssenKrupp confirmed production shut down in Saarland but clarified supply to customers hadn’t been impacted yet.

“Our ThyssenKrupp Automotive Body Solutions business unit recorded unauthorized access to its IT infrastructure last week,” said a ThyssenKrupp spokesperson in the report. “The IT security team at Automotive Body Solutions recognized the incident at an early stage and has since worked with the ThyssenKrupp Group’s IT security team to contain the threat.

“To this end, various security measures were taken and certain applications and systems were temporarily taken offline,” the spokesperson said.

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ThyssenKrupp said no other business units or segments suffered any impact by the cyberattack, which remained contained to the automotive division. ThyssenKrupp also said they are working on gradually returning to normal operations.

German news outlet Saarbruecker Zeitung, which first disclosed the attack February 23, said ThyssenKrupp’s Saarland-based plant, where over a thousand specialists work, suffered the impact of the attack.

The facility is involved in steel production and processing, as well as research and development, including collaborations with industry partners, research institutions, and universities.

This isn’t the first time ThyssenKrupp suffered a cyberattack. They have had attacks over periods in 2022, 2020, 2016, and 2013.

It’s currently unknown who was behind the cyberattack, nor what type of attack it was.


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