Symantec Fixes PC-Crashing Update

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 @ 05:07 PM gHale

Symantec fixed a bug in an antivirus update that caused a number of Windows PCs to crash.

The problem occurred on Friday when the company released updates for its widely used Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and Norton anti-virus software for businesses.

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The updates caused PCs running Microsoft Windows XP software to crash repeatedly, bringing up the “blue screen of death.”

Symantec issued a fix for the crash bug, but declined to comment on whether it would be offering affected customers compensation.

“Symantec is aware that a subset of some of its Microsoft Windows XP desktop users may have experienced ‘blue screen’ issues,” officials said in a statement.

“Symantec has determined that the issue was limited to machines running a combination of Windows XP, the latest version of the SONAR technology, the 11 July rev11 SONAR signature set and third-party software. New definitions were rolled out shortly after to correct the issue. Since then, no new customer issues have been reported from the field.”

The company said the majority of affected users were enterprise customers.

“Approximately 300 enterprise customers cases were logged. We have taken cases from about 60 consumer customers and 5 cases from SMB customers,” Symantec said.

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