Teen Busted in UK Linked U.S. Agency Hacks

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 @ 01:02 PM gHale

A teenager ended up busted on hacking charges on suspicion of cracking the personal accounts of top U.S. intelligence officials, British police said.

The arrest comes on the heels of a series of attacks for which credit ended up claimed by someone with the screen name “Cracka” who targeted top officials at the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, the White House and other federal agencies.

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Authorities arrested a 16-year-old boy in the East Midlands last Tuesday on charges including suspicion of “conspiracy to commit unauthorized access to computer material” and “conspiracy to commit unauthorized acts with intent to impair,” British police said.

The spokesman did not link the arrest with the hacking, but other sources said the suspect ended up linked to the probe into the hacking of U.S. officials.

FBI officials declined to comment on the reports.

Last month, officials disclosed U.S. national intelligence chief James Clapper’s personal online accounts have been hacked, a few months after CIA director John Brennan suffered a similar attack.

In October, Brennan said hackers accessed his personal AOL email account. WikiLeaks released information obtained from the account, which included policy recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan and family addresses and phone numbers.

The document release did not expose national security secrets and Brennan appeared to have stopped using the account in 2008.

Motherboard published a claim from a hacker who called himself “Cracka” and said he had hacked Clapper’s home telephone and Internet accounts, his personal email, and his wife’s Yahoo email.

“Cracka” told Motherboard he changed the settings on the home phone so calls rerouted to the California-based Free Palestine Movement.

The website said the teen was part of a “hacktivist” group known as “Crackas With Attitude.”

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