Exposure management provider, Tenable Holdings, Inc., dealt for Eureka Security, Inc., a provider of data security posture management (DSPM) for cloud environments.

Eureka Security mission allows security teams gain a holistic view into an organization’s cloud data security footprint, fight policy drift and misconfigurations that put data at risk, and continuously improve their security posture over time.

By adding DSPM capabilities to its CNAPP solution, Tenable will help users identify key evidence related to cloud data risk, including where sensitive data resides in the cloud, who has access to that data and the severity of the risk posed by potential data compromise.

This type of visibility is central to an organization’s ability to accurately assess its cloud security compliance. In the 2024 Tenable Cloud Security Outlook study, 95 percent of organizations polled had experienced cloud-related breaches in the previous 18 months. Among those, 92 percent reported exposure of sensitive data, and a majority acknowledged suffering from the data exposure.

“Eureka Security’s technology will enable Tenable to provide even better prioritization of cloud risks and identify toxic combinations beyond vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and over-privileged access to include data at risk as well,” said Shai Morag, senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Security at Tenable.

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“Eureka Security’s data-centric approach provides the visibility, control and automation needed to navigate the dynamic cloud landscape while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance,” said Liat Hayun, co-founder and chief executive at Eureka Security.

The integration of DSPM will help fill the current Tenable Cloud Security solution. The Eureka Security DSPM capabilities are expected to natively integrate into Tenable Cloud Security and its CNAPP solution later this year.

Information on the amount Tenable paid for Eureka was not immediately aviailable. The deal should close by the end of June.


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