SCADA security is paramount as networking continues to evolve and grow through the use of the Internet.

Along those lines the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), continuing the work on communication network dependencies in industrial infrastructures, focusing in this case on ICS/SCADA systems and networks. The main objective is to provide insight into the communication network interdependencies currently present in industrial infrastructures and environments, mapping critical assets, assessing possible attacks and identifying potential good practices and security measures to apply.

In order to properly map the critical assets in these network infrastructures, the layers from ISA95 [1] have been given as a guideline. The main reason to choose it (as opposed to other alternatives such as ISA99) is the fact that it focuses mainly on the network connection between the different assets in play in the network, providing a perfect means for identifying and classifying them.

Click here to download the white paper, entitled, “Communication network dependencies for ICS/SCADA Systems.”

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