Tofino OPC Enforcer Secures OPC Classic

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @ 06:09 PM gHale

The newly-released Tofino OPC Enforcer firewall, part of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, can lock down an industrial network using the OPC Classic protocol.
Using deep packet inspection firewall technology, the Tofino OPC Enforcer, created by Byres Security Inc., offers improved network reliability, availability and security for any process control or SCADA company using OPC Classic.
OPC Classic is an interoperability solution for control systems, interfacing applications from multiple vendors. The problem is, according to studies, the technologies underlying the protocol were designed before network security issues were widely understood. As a result, OPC Classic had some security issues until now.
“The Tofino OPC Enforcer is an important innovation and a great solution for all the systems that currently use OPC Classic – approximately 90% of all industrial networks,” said Thomas J. Burke, president of the OPC Foundation.
While the OPC Foundation is working to get its new and more secure OPC-UA technology into market, it will be quite a while before all legacy OPC DA, HAD and A&E installations undergo replacement. For now, the Tofino product addresses the security gap by providing a plug-n-protect solution.
The Tofino OPC Enforcer provides:
Robust security and stability for any system using OPC DA, HAD or A&E, thus preventing industrial network attacks and accidents. Unlike other firewalls, this product inspects, tracks and secures every connection made by an OPC application, opening only the exact TCP port required for a connection between an OPC client and server.
Implementation without any control system changes. The Tofino hardware installs into the live network and you can then configure it using a drag and drop editor to select permitted clients and servers. Once installed, there is network security, with all OPC traffic managed behind the scenes.
The recent Stuxnet worm attacks against Siemens HMIs and PLC systems has highlighted the need for better security on the plant floor. At the same time, incidents result from internal network problems.
The Tofino OPC Enforcer is available now from Byres Security and from automation industrial suppliers MTL Instruments and Belden/Hirschmann. It requires the Tofino Security Appliance, the Tofino Central Management Platform and the Tofino Firewall LSM.
For more information, click on Tofino Security.

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