Toshiba’s Micro-Dome IP Camera

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 @ 03:06 PM gHale

Toshiba released its IKS-WD6123 3-megapixel micro-dome IP camera.

Toshiba released its IKS-WD6123 3-megapixel micro-dome IP camera.

Discreet, non-obtrusive surveillance cameras are ideal where there is limited space or when it is important that subjects not be aware anyone is watching.

To meet this growing need, Toshiba released its IKS-WD6123 3-megapixel micro-dome IP camera that provides a cost-effective surveillance solution for discreet indoor installations that require superior picture quality at minimal bandwidth.

With a profile height of only two inches, the IKS-WD6123’s design makes it difficult for people to see which direction the camera is pointing, if they notice it at all. The low profile also makes the camera very simple to install and setup. It features 3-axis angle adjustment that enables mounting on walls or ceilings while allowing the factory-focused 2.3mm fixed lens to maintain a level image.

PoE connectivity, edge storage and ONVIF Profile S compliance ensures trouble-free, versatile system integration, even in tight, difficult-to-reach locations.

The IKS-WD6123 provides a wide viewing angle of 125° so a single camera can deliver complete coverage of a large room, such as a retail outlet or hotel lobby, letting security professional observe either side of the camera without blind spots. Quad individually configurable video streams in H.264 or MJPEG compression allow different areas of a scene to be simultaneously viewed or recorded at resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536 by a single camera to help minimize bit rate and storage needs.

For improved visibility in variable lighting conditions the IKS-WD6123 boasts electronic day/night imaging, True Wide Dynamic Range and a minimum illumination range down to 0.01 lux. Its price point and ability to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements without sacrificing image details qualifies it as an excellent choice for manufacturing, retail, hotel, educational, office and casino applications.

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