Toxic Chemicals Dumped in CO Flood Zone

Thursday, November 21, 2013 @ 06:11 PM gHale

Poisonous chemicals ended up dumped in a Lyons, CO, flood zone, according to the Boulder County Sheriff’s office.

Someone dropped off a 30-gallon barrel containing zinc cyanide, an extremely poisonous chemical, at Black Bear Inn in Lyons. The barrel next to flood debris, the sheriff officials said.

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Four days later, police say a similar discovery was made at an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dump site on 36th and 66th streets. It was later determined the chemical inside the 20-gallon barrel was copper cyanide, which is also extremely toxic.

Manufacturers use both cyanides to fabricate or coat metals. Police believe someone is dumping the toxic waste next to flood debris hoping no one will notice.

“Maybe [they are] trying to save money, so they don’t have to do the disposal properly,” Boulder County Sherriff’s Sgt. Nick Goldberger said.

He said authorities worry about what may happen if the chemical dumping continues. “Anyone who’s inquisitive, like children and so forth could open up the barrel,” he said.

Goldberger said it’s likely the same person or persons are responsible. The EPA, along with the FBI and district attorney’s office are investigating the illegal drop offs.

The criminal investigation unit with the EPA is examining the barrels. Following the investigation, they will likely ship the chemicals out of state for disposal.

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