Trojan Alert from Google

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 @ 03:09 PM gHale

Google Alerts members who want to learn about Trojans may get up close and personal with a Trojan.

John Barrett from CleanBytes set up his Google Alerts account to send him updates on Trojans and he received a link that apparently came from WCBI.

Zeus Trojan Lives On
Mitsubishi Heavy Hacked
Seeking Help? Beware
Cutting Through Morto Worm

After clicking on it, he went to a site that resembled a Megaupload site. The page is actually a fake and if you press the download button, a file called 2_setup.exe offers a Trojan anti-virus.

Upon submission to VirusTotal, the results revealed that a ZeroAccess Trojan was the “innocent” looking file.

This latest scam comes on the heels of Bing and Yahoo search engines advertising malware containing websites.

These types of ill-purposed pieces of software are one of the most dangerous as they’re able to hide themselves deep in the operating system, infecting the master boot record if not stopped in time.

In this case it seems the WCBI website suffered a hack and according to Barrett “again we have to deal with another Google search results poisoning.”

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