TX Gas Well Forces Evacuation

Friday, May 10, 2013 @ 03:05 PM gHale

Emergency officials are working in conjunction with representatives from Hunt Oil Co. to plug a gas well outside of Kosciusko, TX, after internal pressure of the well reached critical levels.

“The pressure is past critical,” said Wilson County Pct. 2 Commissioner Paul Pfeil. “We’ve got a potential blowout in a well. Hunt Oil is working at this time to plug it. There are no reported injuries right now, but we wanted to evacuate everyone out of the area in case it does blow.”

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If Hunt is unable to plug the well, massive amounts of deadly poisonous gas could release into the air, which is what emergency official are trying to prevent.

“Right now we are just taking precautions,” Pfeil said. “Nothing has come out just yet, but we wanted to clear the area just in case. If it does blow, the wind is blowing toward the north so that would mean an evacuation.”

As of 7:15 p.m., the evacuation order covered a two-mile radius.

“If the gas would come to the surface, the evacuation could reach to the Karnes County line, but as of right now we just don’t know,” Pfeil said. “Hunt is currently working to plug the well and is waiting for some equipment to come in from out of town.”

Pfeil said there is no timeline for the evacuations.

“Residents are being asked to stay clear of the area, for your own protection,” Pfeil said. “If you need to go somewhere or to stay somewhere in a motel room, Hunt is paying for all that.”

Residents need to stay out of the area until further notice.

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