UK Teen Pleads Guilty in DDoS Service

Thursday, November 3, 2016 @ 02:11 PM gHale

A UK teenager pleaded guilty to running a distributed denial of service (DDoS) for hire service, officials said.

Adam Mudd, 19, of Toms Lane, Kings Langley, a town northwest of London, pleaded guilty to running the Titanium Stresser DDoS-for-hire service.

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Mudd admitted to two counts of computer misuse stemming from creating the service, using it himself, and then renting it to others online through the website.

When Mudd was 15, he built the Titanium Stresser service, which shortly became one of the most popular DDoS booters on the market, investigators said.

Mudd, who ended up arrested at his home in 2015, made a big mistake, investigators said. He kept logs of all attacks launched through the service.

This slip-up allowed UK police to determine Mudd had used his own service to launch 594 DDOS attacks against 181 IP addresses, between December 2013, when the service came online, and March 2015, when police arrested Mudd and seized his computers.

Among the institutions he targeted, officials list his own college, where he was studying computer science.

Furthermore, because of the detailed logs, investigators were also able to determine that other crooks had used his service to launch a whopping 1.7 million DDoS attacks on targets all over the world.

The Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU), through Berdforshire Police, said Mudd made over $385,000 from renting out his DDoS tool.

The judge in Mudd’s case scheduled the sentencing hearing for December.

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