Want a job? Think cyber security

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 06:04 PM gHale

There is a big push to find and train computer security experts. So much so, that U.S. government and corporations will need at least 60,000 cyber security workers in the next three years.

That comes in the wake of high-profile threats such as the ones outlined by Google Inc. earlier this year.

The problem is though, not all candidates are a fit for the job. [private]

Only 40% of government hiring managers said they are happy with the quality of applicants for federal cyber security jobs, and only 30% are satisfied with the number, according to a survey outlined in a report last year by Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

In one case, Chicago-based Boeing now employs 2,000 cyber security workers, that is up from 100 in 2004. This year, the company may hire 15 to 30 more employees skilled in protecting computer systems against hackers, said Alan Greenberg, technical director of cyber and information solutions at Boeing

The government is also on the hunt for hacker protection. The Center for Strategic and International Studies, oversees a program called the US Cyber Challenge, which aims to find 10,000 young workers through a nationwide series of cyber security competitions.

Because cyber attackers change their approach quickly, it always comes down to which side stays one step ahead. And with 85% of U.S. infrastructure, including electric utility grids, telecommunications networks and banking systems, owned by private industry that means national security intertwines with private corporations to protect their digital networks.[/private]

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