Wireless video security’s next generation

Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 04:06 PM gHale

Critical safety, security, compliance and operational requirements of manufacturing and industrial facilities got a new look this week as wireless application network developer, Apprion, released ION Video R3.
This third release of ION Video includes new features like optimized archiving, intelligent search, and customizable carousel monitoring to view up to 16 different cameras in one dashboard.
ION Video analyzes motion, tracks, counts, and identifies objects, and delivers video intelligence from live video streams by performing real-time video analytics. The ION Video system issues alerts to appropriate security, safety, and operational personnel, and archives video for intelligent search, event correlation, and performance auditing.
The goal behind ION Video is to provide seamless integration with existing safety, security, and operational applications – along with integrated archiving, storage, and management services. Designed to come in at 25% of the cost of competing systems, ION Video enables plants to have an advanced, industrial-quality, low-cost video solution.
ION Video R3 features include:
• Optimized Archiving – A user can store all events and activity so they are search ready; channels and video undergo indexing and are available instantaneously.
• Intelligent Search – Search on key visual attributes captured in the video itself.
• Carousel Monitoring – Stream video from multiple cameras to an integrated dashboard.
“Intelligent Video Search, especially in the case of safety and security breaches, is time critical. When an incident happens, there is enormous pressure on security professionals to quickly reconstruct events from archived video,” said Doug Donzelli, Mountain View, CA-based Apprion’s chief executive. “Currently, security professionals go through time-consuming manual review of archived video to do this. ION Video R3 provides an automated way to quickly search through video for motion or activity, object by size, color, speed and direction of motion.”
ION Video’s Intelligent Search and Optimized Archiving enables security professionals to search through past incidents from archived video and respond to incidents in a timely manner.
Security experts can search across multiple cameras to reconstruct past events or incidents and view all cameras in one integrated dashboard for immediate action.
By providing visibility into hazardous and unmanned areas, ION Video R3 enables security professionals to cost-effectively comply with safety regulations and security requirements.
ION Video integrates with the Apprion IONosphere as part of Apprion’s ION System. This integration allows real-time video analytics to combine with other ION applications such as ION Condition Monitoring and/or ION Communications to create individualized, operational dashboards customized to the individual’s role in the plant.

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