WY Gas Blast Under Investigation

Monday, November 24, 2014 @ 05:11 PM gHale

The blaze sparked by an explosion at AmeriGas in Jackson Hole, WY, Thursday is out, but the investigation into how it started is ongoing.

There were no injuries in the incident, said Teton County spokeswoman Charlotte Reynolds. Businesses surrounding the blast, including AmeriGas itself, reported everyone got out safely.

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By 5 p.m. the flames were out and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS was cleaning up the scene and investigating the incident.

Though the investigation continued, Reynolds said AmeriGas employees confirmed eyewitness accounts that the fire occurred following “some kind of leak” as a large truck was refilling underground propane tanks.

The blaze, which started 12:45 p.m. originated with a large truck full of propane coming in to fill underground tanks.

Just 15 minutes later, a large plume of black smoke was visible all the way to Grand Teton National Park. Bright orange flames flickered and brightened as several explosions shook nearby cars and buildings.

It took only seconds for the leak to go from a small haze of smoke to a full-blown blaze, witnesses said.

The blaze engulfed several cars parked at nearby Bell Fitness and spread to the building itself.

It took around 30 minutes for authorities to finish clearing cars out of the area and to establish a one-block perimeter around the scene.

Students at Jackson Hole High School and Colter Elementary School remained in shelter in place mode their school buildings until the normal end of the school day.

Officials are still trying to determine a full tally of the number of explosions and the damage to businesses and structures. Authorities declared the blaze out around 5 p.m.

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