ZeuS Spin Off Hits Cyber Street

Thursday, August 25, 2011 @ 12:08 PM gHale

A new crimeware pack called Ice IX, built using the ZeuS source code, leaked earlier this year, said security researchers from Kaspersky Lab.

Just like its parent, Ice IX sells on the underground market and can generate custom Trojans that join infected computers into botnets.

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Ice IX has been in the wild for some time already and the builder is available for $1800, said Kaspersky Lab expert Jorge Mieres.

ZeuS remains the most popular banking Trojan among cyber fraudsters, its infection count currently exceeding that of its closest competitor, SpyEye, four to one.

The Ice IX Trojan is similar to ZBot (ZeuS Bot) and its main purpose is to steal financial information. It does this by hooking into the browser process.

“It is clear that from now on, more new crimeware will be based on ZeuS code. New developers, hoping to profit from cybercrime, will attempt to create their own new alternatives based on this source,” Mieres said.

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  1. damian says:

    This thing is very advanced – it features a better ‘web injection’ method than ZeuS and also can evade trackers with ease, meaning that it can be hosted on standard / plain servers. More here: http://www.internetsecuritydb.com/2011/08/meet-ice-ix-son-of-zeus.html

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