Cybersixgill, a cyber threat intelligence data provider, inked a partnership with ThreatQuotient, a threat intelligence platform source, to improve defenses for ThreatQuotient users with access to Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence.

Through the partnership, ThreatQuotient users can access Cybersixgill’s Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence, Alerts page, and Darkfeed to gain operational threat and vulnerability intelligence. Together, Cybersixgill and ThreatQuotient empower organizations to bolster their cybersecurity posture by enabling them to pre-empt attacks and expose threats with contextual intelligence.

“Many security teams lack the resources to collect and analyze large amounts of data. They need security automation and threat intelligence with contextual insights to effectively defend their organizations against the growing number of threats,“ said Brandon Gaovongphet, senior director of partner programs at Cybersixgill.

“Having quality threat intelligence and understanding what vulnerabilities to prioritize is critical to our customers’ cybersecurity programs,” said Haig Colter, Director of Alliances at ThreatQuotient. “Our partnership with Cybersixgill enables them to pre-empt an attack by capturing, processing, and alerting teams to emerging threats and their exposure risk on the clear, deep, and dark web. Together, we are providing the necessary tools and resources to make those defenders more efficient.”

Cybersixgill’s real-time, actionable cyber threat intelligence (CTI) gives security teams access to as collection of contextual data from the deep, dark, and clear web. Its solutions include DVE Intelligence, which correlates asset exposure and impact severity data with insights from a broad range of vulnerability sources across the deep, dark web; an Alerts page, which streamlines monitoring of an organization’s attack surface and reacting to threats; and Darkfeed, the industry’s most comprehensive, automated indicators of compromise (IOC) enrichment solution.

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The ThreatQ Platform is a data-driven threat intelligence platform that allows users to automate the intelligence lifecycle, quickly understand threats, make better decisions, and accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response.

Benefits of the Cybersixgill and ThreatQuotient integration include:

  • Streamline vulnerability management activities
  • Quick identification and measurement
  • Improved alert management
  • Accelerate incident prevention and response

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